Our ambition to be the King of ducks

Since our establishment in 2001, Duck King Co. Ltd. has been a all-inclusive producer of ducks. Our aim is to be the king of ducks. At our company, research and development have been conducted consistently to raise the quality of our products, from the selection of our breeds, our farming techniques, our cutting-edge technology and our internationally-standard administration.  Our staff are specialists in their fields.  All the above makes Duck King Co. Ltd. capable and equipped for the production of fresh, hygienic, and safe whole ducks, duck parts and other duck products.  We deliver only value and satisfaction to our customers.


“An expert in duck business. We thrive on innovation. We offer high-quality products with honesty and good will.”


  • Introducing innovation to our duck business management
  • Developing knowledge about duck business
  • Emphasizing quality, standard and effective supply chain management
  • Offering only highest-quality products to our customers
  • Developing and maximising the potentials of our staff
  • Securing long-term benefits for our customers, business partners, the community and the environment.

Core Value

Sincerity and Friendship

We believe that our treatment sincerely and friendly to everyone involved can create a happy society and cause great and lasting results.

Entrepreneurial Spiriit

We believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship—determination, confidence, risk-taking, opportunity seeking, quality focus and planning—which is our organisation's fundamental means to success.


The awareness of our role, duty and responsibility, as well as our commitment to our staff, the community, our customers and our trading partners, makes us matter to society and the community.

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